how to make a wool blanket

Hardly a cent was spent on this colorful wool blanket. which takes a bit longer, but is well worth the effort. You won't be doing any sewing in this method, but you will be doing some cutting. Here’s a way to make a wool coat from a blanket without cutting the blanket. It works by rolling the blanket and tying both strings together. (This cleaning should take care of any shrinkage that might otherwise occur the first time you wash your finished product.) . press the seam . Since Wool is great for insulating and keeping warm, having one when camping can be a great asset. A wool blanket will need to be hand washed and dried flat to maintain its condition and quality. and iron the material flat. Read more: Check out Make It a Flannel Quilt for more on quilting. Double knotting would be too difficult to undo. Check out this one for inspiration. . turn in the raw edges on the fourth side . Make a plan. The next time you step onto the range or into hunting camp, your rifle will have the coolest ride around. . But my blanket knitted up the same way and ended up the same size 70″x 50″. Lightly spray your blanket with the cold water, making sure to cover the entire surface. Choose knits of a similar weight, but vary the patterns. Next, go on to start a new section, adding it to the first in the same manner in which you assembled the patches: Just sew them together . 6. SHOP TERRY CLOTH. Find a fleece or wool-felt blanket. You can start from square and rectangle which is easier, once you know how to wrap the yarn, you can create your patterns such as heart, star or hexagon (I had posted a hexagon coaster before, you may get inspired there). Then position those two parts with their right sides together, and stitch along three sides. and finish sewing by hand (or, if you prefer, topstitch the border on the machine). . and sew by hand. (I once got nearly a yard of brand-new wool fabric from a friend who had misjudged how much she needed to make a dress.) YARN: There aren’t really any rules about what yarn you can and can’t use to knit a blanket. 3 in the Image Gallery. Place your blanket in the dryer on low heat setting. sew it along one edge, all the way through Patch X and the backing . Probably. (If necessary, trim the outer edges to straighten them.). The 4-by-5-foot blanket takes about 45 minutes and requires about eight pounds of yarn. . . The size of your crochet piece of wool can reach about 40 by 30 inches in size. CraftSanity makes creating a merino wool infinity scarf seem like a cinch in this tutorial taken at the Becozi headquarters in Holland, Michigan. If you do decide to use a larger blanket, you may need to cut it down. Tie these in a tight knot at the bottom of the joined threads to keep them from coming apart. just iron them so they all face in one direction (such seams are stronger than the open variety). They're also wonderful presents … Step 2. 2 in the Image Gallery — pin one of your wool patches (X) approximately in the center of the larger square of backing, making sure that wrong sides are together. In fact, except for the backing material (which I found on sale), I didn't spend a cent on any of the colorful patchwork pieces shown in the accompanying photographs. To make it easier to carry the blanket, I decided to crochet two single stitch cords on each end of the blanket. ), That's my fast method. . . While the label says its a size 6, with 200 yards i should have enough to make a decent sized blanket according to your chart. These blankets would look gorgeous draped at the foot of the bed, thrown on a couch, or even hanging on a ladder blanket rack. . . The Velky blanket comes with instructions for arm knitting. July 13, 2018. You'll find that irregularities actually add to the blanket's charm. Do not soak the blanket, you want to avoid making it too wet. A much larger blanket may be too long, especially in the arm area. If you are making a baby blanket or a bed blanket, adjust accordingly. . Simply sew the strips along the outside edges with the right sides together . account? . Fold a wool blanket and use it as a chair cushion. To put on the backing, sew together (or cut, as the case may be) a section of material that's the same size as the front patchwork piece. I use Eucalan all the time for washing wool clothing and blankets. Both coats are made from twin sized wool blankets. 4 in the Image Gallery). You may also use the Bill Me option and pay $17.95 for 6 issues. The 6-pound blanket is a really cozy, weighted blanket for our home, and it … But if you have looked at the wool knit blankets, you may have been shocked by the price tag – we are talking $300, $400 and upwards of $500+ for a wool chunky knit blanket. . 7 and 8 in the Image Gallery). Wool Handmade Fringed Pillow Cover. Iarge a blanket i can make with the yarn i have. If desired, twist or braid three or four consecutive strands of fringe together to make evenly-spaced, larger fringes. This makes a generous throw blanket. Already a Member? It's also wise to press all of your cloth before you begin, and to do so again after each step in the assembly process, using a steam iron or a damp cloth with a regular iron. . Thread the needle with a long length of wool (approximately one arm’s length) and make a knot at the end. To cross stitch, thread your needle and make a knot at the end of the thread. Attach the velcro strips to the fabric using a cross stitch. Sign in with your online account. Hi, thanks for stopping by. . Fluff fringe loosely with fingers to make it look fuller. Like to read more content, Join the Mother Earth News Community Today. Because of this, you want a material that does not fray—such as fleece or wool-felt. and continue adding patchwork pieces to the raw edges until the entire unit is covered, leaving only the outside edges unsewn (Fig. press the seams . Sew the velcro to the front of the blanket. Cut out and arrange the pieces so that the patterns point in different directions. push it upward . I'll teach you how to use loop yarn for the knit and purl stitch to finger knit a 50x60 inch throw.

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