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12/2/09 - Plants filling in nicely, added platies (2 males, 4 female) 02/07/10 - An overhead shot of the top shelf of crypts. Jan 19, 2012 #1 i know peacock eels have small mouths and that baby peacocks will be fine with khuli loaches. Aug 7, 2017. Due to size and/or weight, certain items bear a shipping surcharge or special handling fee, which will still apply. The Angelfish and the Silver Dollars would do fine as tankmates for a Peacock Eel. I don't know what these people are smoking who say you can keep a peacock eel in a 10-gallon or 20-gallon tank. Hey guys I'm thinking about adding a Peacock Eel to my Dwarf Puffer tank. They’re particularly sensitive to water quality fluctuations. Peacock Eels tank size. There can be some variation in its color and patterning, depending on where it originates from. Freshwater Eel Facts. Rating: 4.54 Votes: 13. Asian Arownanas grow slow and can be kept in 40-50 gallons while they are in the 8 inch range but they grow to 28 inches. Next Last. The Peacock Eel is commonly available to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts online and in the aquarium trade at reasonable prices. Sep 16, 2010 #2 What size … You will see over 100 types and sizes so you can choose one that won't wind up as Peacock eel food. This tank picture looks better than 59.12% of tank pictures in this category. I would not highly suggest the peacock eel, since they're more suited towards the experienced/advanced aquarist. A peacock eel (Macrognathus siamensis or any of several related species) will grow to be a foot long or more. Other notes: This species is friendly to other macrognathus eel and is relitivley cheap thus making a great eel to start with. These resemble the plumage of a peacock. Peacock Eel. Ghost Shrimp 1 Wood Shrimp My Dwarfs are pretty docile, they dont like each other but they've never messed with anything else in the tank. Size comparison next to the thermometer. Spot-Finned Spiny Eel . But basically they are light brown in color with a thin pale yellow stripe running from the eye to the base of the tail. They grow to less than a foot in length, so you don’t need a huge tank. Peacock Eel. There are several large rocks for hiding spots and about seven plants as well. Mr Miagi Veins are flowing with SW, now going back to FW! Peacock Eel by Bonhilda (WikiCommons) This species (Macrognathus siamensis) has a light greenish-brown coloured body with a yellow stripe that runs along the body. includes tire track and spiney eel species Freshwater Eels have an excellent sense of smell but can't see very well. Peacock Eel. Feeding them twice a day should suffice. First my main concern is that I have a planted tank and I have some substrate that may be to rough and big for one. Tank Mates For Peacock Eel. Typically a single eel will have between four and six such peacock markings. Right now I have: 4 Dwarfs 3 Ottos? Other foods they like are sea monkeys/brine shrimp (if you can get them live, even better), and even shrimp pellets though they may not take to them. Fish Scientific Name: Macrognathus Siamensis. Country: United States. His only other tank mates are three platys. Two of my best friends recently gave me a peacock eel for my two-week old 20 gal. The Peacock Eel Macrognathus siamensis is a very handsome spiny eel. FEEDING: Mainly Live Worms (sections not larger than 1 inch). Ok, so after a few days of research/rehousing some fish I have bought a peacock eel. Peacock Eel (Macrognathus siamensis) Minimum Tank Size: 35 gallons Care Level: Moderate Temperament: Shy, Peaceful Aquarium Hardiness: Moderately Hardy Water Conditions: 73-82° F, 6-25 dGH, pH 6.0-8.0 Max. 5 years ago. K. keeper-of-fish Member . WATER TEMP: 78-86 deg. Thread starter keeper-of-fish; Start date Jun 23, 2005; click to enter now! Peacock eel tank requirements Because of their large size, one peacock eel will need at least 40 gallons (151 L). May 27, 2011 30 0 21 Earth. Freshwater Eel . These plants have been growing slow and steady. Peacock Eel. You must prepare yourself for another potentially serious problem you will have in a year.. Any Arowana needs a minimum tank size of at least 125 gallons. Recommended for experienced aquarists. Cichlid fish from genus Aulonocara. Tank Size: 100 gallons. May 16, 2007 1,196 0 0 44 Scottsdale, AZ. Eels and Loaches. Advanced Aquaria Discussion Forum. Peacock eel vs. tank size. So if your Peacock Eel is particularly fond of live food, it might not eat the chopped up earthworms. That’s the real question in this case. I have him in a 20gal tank with just a loach, oto, and a couple of guppies. This is the smallest eel on this list maxing out at 8 inches. I feel like I need to give a little backstory, so: Me and my dad got into the hobby almost a decade ago. Valid only on orders shipped within the contiguous 48 U.S. states & to military APO/FPO addresses. F. AVG. MFK Member. Lifespan and size . If you’re tight on space and have a tank that is at least 35 gallons, then a Peacock Eel might make a good choice. These tropical fish will also need a sand substrate; a fine gravel can possibly injure your fish and doesn’t allow your plants to grow their roots as easily. Size of fish - inches: 35.4 inches (89.99 cm) - This fish should not be confused with its very similar looking relative the Track Eel M. favus which is smaller, reaching only 26 inches (70 cm) in length. In a home aquarium you should expect a male Peacock Cichlid to grow to around 6 inches long, with females being slightly smaller. . Description: Peacock Eel. So I have an adult peacock eel (I'd say between seven and ten inches, but he doesn't stay still long enough for me to measure him) alone in a 55 gal. They open their jaws to allow water over their gills for breathing. They are quite shy so they will need plenty of hides in the form of decorations, driftwood, and vegetation. We have some skunk loaches that created a problem for it. Category: Freshwater Fish. The markings can resemble the plumage of a peacock in the right light. In general, it doesn't interact with the other fish at all - the only one was when we had … On this eel, the Track Eel M. favus, they are more extreme irregular markings reaching from the top of its back down through its belly. I am currently really thinking about getting a peacock eel and I am very interested to get one. 55 gal) nitrogen-cycle #2. Peacock Eel- Feeding, Care, and Compatibility Q's? MAX. Hey there, we have a peacock eel too, and I think we're going to get another one soon. Ranked #3049 out of 7458 freshwater fish pictures worldwide. The tank is 30 in long x 10 tall x 12 wide and the eel is about 5 - 6 in long. Aquanick. Fish Popular Name: Peacock Eel. but … Black Spotted Eel. 1; 2; Next. Savings will automatically reflect in shopping cart with the purchase of qualifying merchandise. It will have four to six markings that … Peacock Eels. However, if your Peacock Eels is still small, you may need to cut larger worms up before putting them in the tank. A 10 gallon tank offers enough space to move around for them. peacock eel and khuli loach compatability? The name comes from the markings that run along the dorsal fin. I just want to make sure that this tank is spacious enough for him. Maximum value $75. i have had my peacock eel in my 55 g since about last october, when he first went into the tank he was always swimming about, now i never see him, actually i only ever see him when i do gravel clean and thats probably only because i prod him! This eel has unique signs that look a bit like a peacock’s plumage. The Peacock Eel has a long, extended body that can reach a size of 12 inches when fully grown. ( the tank is. Fredward . Fire eels can live for up to 20 years if it’s in the wild. Tolerant of its own species as well as other Spiny Eel species. Therefore the wild is the best place for the fire eel. Member. The reason why the fish has a lower lifespan in a tank is that not many tanks can match the perfect conditions for the fish to live longer. Go. Half-banded Spiny Eel. As you can see, they are starting to really fill in the upper shelf. SeaTurtle Exodon. Joined Dec 13, 2003 Messages 292 Reaction score 0. Is it ok for me to have an angel fish and peacock eel in the same tank right now I'm going through the nitrogen cycle and this question popped into my head, no need for a quick answer . MINIMUM RECOMMENDED TANK SIZE: Do not place in tanks smaller than 30 gallons, 50+ gallons is preferred. This will of course kill them, and then they won’t move. Here is some info for you about Peacock Eel: COMMON NAME: Peacock Eel . We have had good luck with general community fish - specifically guppies, swordtails, rainbowfish, ottocinclus cats.Also, we have amano shrimp in that tank. Thread starter SeaTurtle; Start date Jan 19, 2012; Forums. Maximum Size: 10″ to 15″ Minimum Tank Size: 55g; Care Level: Advanced; Peacock Eel are awesome. 1 of 2 Go to page. Peacock eel is one of the smallest eels available for aquariums. pH: 6.7 . Bottom Dwellers . They’re also one of the great oddball companions for your Angels, as long as you can care for the eel. They are a small aquarium species which generally grow to a size of around 11 inches. Peacock Eel are an advanced fish to keep. Blood worms are another favourite of the peacock eel, but it's hard to find ones that don't float (which I hate), however you can try pre-soaking them in tank water and then feed. Typically, there are three to six of these types of commercials. Diet [edit | edit source] Accepts meaty foods like bloodworms and small shrimp. Tank Size: 26 gallons. Tank compatibility [edit | edit source] Will not harm other fish, although as it gets to a larger size it may view smaller shrimps and fish fry as foods. Do you think it would be safe to add a eel to the mix? In captivity, the fire eel can live for up 10 years. These spots give the peacock eel its name, as they look similar to the “eye” spots on a peacock’s tail feathers. A 35 gallon aquarium will be sufficient. This small species grows to be only 11 inches, so it makes a great addition to smaller aquariums. Jun 23, 2005 #1 would a 37 gallon with length 30" and width 12" be decent or no . The eel is light greenish-brown in color and has a peacock plumage pattern throughout the body. If you like colors and are looking for an eel that can add a glimpse of beauty to your tank, peacock eel is the best choice. Horizontal yellow and light brown stripes run down the length of this animal and several black spots can be found along the dorsal fin. Hello. I have a few questions: 1) I have found very little info on eel compatibility with other fish. Peacock Cichlid Habitat and Tank Requirements. Peacock eel (macrognathus siamensis) Max size: 12" (8" more common) preferred temp: 24-28 degrees celcius preferred ph: 6- 7.5 min tank size: 36"x 12" temperment: peacefull Tankmates: avoid anything small enough to fit in mouth such as male endlers. Eels have an elongated, snake-like body and vary in size and coloration. Peacock Cichlid Size. Ive seem people do it. Peacock Eel (Macrognathus siamensis) Another nice option for freshwater aquarium eels is peacock eel. Peacock Eels will just go after them once they are put in the tank. Country: India. rwilliams254 AC Members. Keeping one in a 10-gallon tank would be about like keeping a Labrador Retriever in a hatbox. SIZE: 11+ inches / 25 cm. If you’re looking for a beautiful eel species, then look no further than the peacock eel.

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